5 Top Benefits of Ceiling Fans and Why You Should Install One Right Now

No matter what anyone says, ceiling fans serve a greater purpose than just being items of décor. The cost effectiveness alone of having a fan or two makes this an incredibly appealing household item. Ceiling fans not only work as an energy saver in the summer by giving your air conditioning system a much-needed rest, but can also be useful in the winter months.

The difference in cost between an air conditioning system and a simple ceiling fan is substantial. Besides, these machines do not cost you an arm and a leg to buy. You can buy it locally from a store or take your search online and have one delivered right to your home.

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the potential advantages of having a ceiling fan and why you should get one for your home right now.

5 Top benefits of ceiling fans

1. Cost effective

As we mentioned before, these items are cost effective alternatives to air conditioning units. According to 2006 National Statistics, air conditioners use up almost 20% of the total kilowatt-hours produced in America. This implies that the resource consumption goes up to 207,0692,000 tons of coal, 137, 924,800,000 cubic feet of natural gas, and over 23,054,000 barrels of oil.

The staggering figures mentioned above directly translate to more energy consumption and increased expenditure on electricity bills. Ceiling fans, on the other hand, consume power similar to a 100 W light bulb and make the home 8 to 10 degrees cooler. So, having a ceiling fan is a must if you want to save some money.

2. Highly efficient in regulating temperature

We talk about the cooling property of ceiling fans like that’s the only thing that matters. But did you know that you can put these machines to good use during winter as well? Yes, these cost-effective household items can distribute warm air coming from a heat stove or a furnace, and distribute the warmth equally around the room.

Most ceiling fans operate in reversible methods, which allow the user to turn the fan blades in a clockwise direction to draw cold air up and let warm air circulate properly. You’d be surprised to find how comfortable your home gets during the colder seasons in the presence of a ceiling fan.

3. Robust strength and long life

One of the greatest features of ceiling fans is that they come with a sturdy construction that can last for decades. Always approach the idea of buying a ceiling fan with a long-term mindset because it is likely that you’re going to be using it a lot, and for an extended period. A sound investment will certainly fetch results for many years to come.

So, instead of going for the cheapest model available, try out a reputed brand that has many years of experience to its name. Also, it’s a good idea to invest in a reliable model instead of getting a cheap one that can break down at any moment. Why don’t you check out these unique ceiling fans and see if there is something you like?

4. Enhances aesthetic appeal

An undervalued utility of the conventional ceiling fan happens to be its ability to boost the aesthetic appeal of a room. Gone are the days when you could only find these fans in plain, boring design. Now, you can buy ceiling fans that look no less than a work of art. Of course, you have to be ready to pay the price for a “piece of art” as well.

Don’t believe us? Check out this mega list of unique ceiling fan designs” and see what comes up. We promise that you’ll be awestruck by the variety of designs the search engine returns.

5. Suits all budgets

Aside from being an energy saver, ceiling fans come in a broad range of prices. So, you can choose the one that best fits your budget and needs. Don’t need anything fancy to spruce up your home’s decor? Then don’t buy them! Stick to a basic model that regulates the temperature of your home just fine. The choice is yours!

Go ahead and buy one now

As you just read, there are many different benefits of installing ceiling fans in your home. They are reasonably affordable, and you can easily get it installed by calling up your local electrician. Once installed, you will reap the benefits for many years to come. So don’t wait anymore, buy a ceiling fan now!

Beautiful Rooftop Garden Ideas

Want to escape the bland look of urban landscape? If you have the rooftop for the job, everything is possible. Even the smallest rooftop surfaces can be transformed into natural getaways if the roof can support this project. Creating a beautiful rooftop garden is a great idea for people who can’t spend time on their rooftop due to the lack of shade and privacy. Not to mention the relaxing feel that the added touch of greenery can provide you with. If you’ve been thinking about turning your rooftop into a garden paradise but never really got inspired enough to do it, keep on reading.

1. Choose your plants

Your choice of plants will depend on the look you want to achieve. If it’s shade that you want, you can either plant trees or create vertical gardens. You may think that a tree sounds too unrealistic, but there are plenty of smaller trees that can grow in containers. Of course, don’t overstuff your rooftop only with tall greenery. Shrubs, vines and plants complement the trees perfectly and create a true garden feel. There are plenty of low-maintenance plants that could make this endeavor easier for you.

2. Color selection

Image 3 source: freshome.com

If you want to have a rooftop garden but don’t want to disturb the harmony of the surrounding urban landscape, simply be very selective when it comes to colors. Basically, stick to the three-color rule. The green of your plants can be considered a neutral color, so make sure that your garden furniture, pots and flower petals don’t clash in color. Of course, it’s pretty easy to pick the furniture and other décor bits with a specific color in mind, but you can also get the same service with your plants. For example, companies like Robert Plumb provide their clients with architectural, landscape and furniture solutions for a perfect end result. In that respect, you can always have a professional help you with your rooftop garden design.

3. Appropriate furniture

If you want to spend your free time in your rooftop garden, you’ll need adequate furniture. The style and furniture layout will greatly depend on the size of your rooftop as well as the look that you want to achieve. If your rooftop is covered and protected from the elements, you have more freedom of choice. You can play with dining sets that consist of tables, chairs and benches. This can also add a bit of a country vibe. If you want to go full modern, sofas and coffee tables are a perfect solution. On the other hand, bamboo furniture can make this area look like a true natural oasis while metal furniture can add a touch of chic style.

4. Lighting and décor

Lights can significantly affect the look of your rooftop garden. In case you want to create a more private feel, recessed “floor” lamps can make this come true. If you want to spend time hanging out with your friends and family, opt for bright LED lights. A more whimsical atmosphere can be achieved by using fairy lights, candles and torches. Of course, don’t forget effective décor pieces either. Statement statues, fountains and even fire hearths can all contribute to the look of your perfect garden getaway. The size of your rooftop doesn’t matter as long as you keep it in mind when choosing your garden’s focal point. This can even be the most beautiful plant, shrub or tree.

5. Vertical ideas

Utilizing vertical space is very important when it comes to the rooftop gardens. By placing plant pots or creating vertical gardens, you can create an effective noise insulation as well as keep this area cooler during the summer months. So, you have the option of hanging plant pots, repurposing some old items in order to cover the vertical areas completely or even planting vines all over the bare vertical roof surfaces. Even if you don’t have much space to work with, this technique will add enough greenery, texture and décor to your rooftop, without limiting your freedom of movement.

Spending time in your garden, fresh air and sunlight will improve the quality of your life. Not only will you feel healthier, but your mood and energy levels will get better as well. Don’t let the gray of your city take over your life. With a little bit of effort, you can create a perfect natural refuge on the top of your home so that you can enjoy yourself and de-stress after a long day. 

Signs that it Is Time to Hire a Roofing Contractor

The roof is one of the most important parts of the house. Despite this, most homeowners will either neglect it or forget about it simply because it is out of the way. No one will stumble upon the roof every now and then and comment on how old and dilapidated it has become. Trouble only comes when you the water begins seeping through the punctured roof or when the damage literally screams for roofing repair and maintenance.

How Often Should You Look for a Roofing Contractor

It is wise to have your roof inspected at least once a year and after a major storm. This will ensure that you address any damage before it escalates into something that will cost you a fortune. Normally, early roof damage can be restored by doing localized repair. If ignored, the damage will spread and affect bigger portions of the roof.

Apart from this, roof repair and replacement is pegged on the actual age of the roof. You might have to inspect and repair more often once the roof hits its half life. You will need the roofing contractor to do a complete roof replacement once the roof outlives its usefulness.

A typical roof will last between 20 and 25 years. This reduces if you are dealing with a roof installed over an older layer of roofing. This is a common practice when dealing with asphalt shingle roofs.

Apart from these standard rules, there are other hints to the fact that you should call in a san antonio roofing contractor. These include:

Curling and buckling Roofing Material

Curling or loose roofing material, be it corrugated iron sheets or asphalt shingles always spell disaster. They are a weak point that must be addressed least it brings down the entire roof. A casual glance at your roof from a distance might be all you need to identify such damage.

Daylight Streaming in Through the Boards

This is the easiest way to tell if your roof has holes when the rains are far away. Get into your attic or loft and look up the roof. If you see any light streaming in, those are holes and cracks that must be repaired before the rains set in. Such holes will spring leaks that will either damage your ceiling or make the roof damp hence spreading the damage.

Missing Sections of the Roof

The last thing to look for is any moving sections of the roof. This is common after a storm or if you were away for a while and didn’t see the damage set in. The amount of missing roofing material and the impact of the elements on the rafters will determine if you have to repair or install a new roof altogether.

Hiring the right contractor guarantees you of high quality service at affordable costs. To choose a contractor, pay attention to past contracts and customer reviews. You have to be sure that you are hiring the best for your roof. After all, a home isn’t a home with the roof gone. You wouldn’t want a shoddy job on the most important part of your lovely home.

7 Affordable Kitchen Upgrading Ideas

There are always periods in life when we feel the urge to change something about our lives. Change always feels good, no matter the scope. One of the easiest places around the house to which you can introduce a few changes is definitely the kitchen. Now, contrary to popular belief, this won’t cost you a fortune if you have just a bit of creativity and cleverness.

Keep on reading to find out what are some of the easiest ways you can transform your kitchen without spending big bucks.

Decorate the cabinets

This is a simple trick, but it does the job. Simply buy a bucket of paint – and make sure that it’s completely different from the one you have for the maximum effect, take down the cabinet doors and paint them over. You can paint all the doors in the same color or make them completely different. Another fun idea might be to decoupage them with an interesting paper, napkins, prints, rice paper…the possibilities are endless.

If you’re looking for a way to open up the space, consider losing the cabinet doors completely and turn the cabinets into shelves.

Make a statement wall

When in doubt, use color! If you want to make a big change in your kitchen, go for the walls or even better, a single one. A statement wall can really change the atmosphere and it’s quite cheap to make. You can either paint it in a single lively color or choose to decorate it with wall stickers. You can buy these stickers at your local craft store or you can make them yourself. Another option is to create a themed wall by hanging family photos or interesting plates that have been collecting dust in the attic for a while now. Look for more ideas online.

Accent rugs

Most of the kitchens have floor tiles, which are very practical, because you need to be able to clean those numerous spills easily. However, adding an accent rug or two can make the room look significantly warmer. Placing a rug in front of the sink can have two benefits: it’s both warming and cozier for the feet. Choose a simple design for a kitchen that's cluttered, while colors and patterns are a great option for a monochromatic one.

Tiny details, big effect

In case you are lacking time and money, but still want to redecorate your kitchen, go for the little things, such as new handles and hinges. The absolute favorites of this year are faux gold, brass and silver. However, you can also spray paint them in any color you like.

New windows

No, this doesn’t mean that you should put new windows in the kitchen. Rather, it means: decorate your windows with new, interestingly designed small curtains. They don’t cost much, yet you are presented with a never-ending choice, and you can even make them yourself. Other than curtains, you can opt for window stickers or various hanging ornaments.

Small appliances

Surely, a new turquoise refrigerator would make quite a change, but you certainly don’t need to spend that kind of money just to make your kitchen look different. Small appliances can also do the trick. An unusual toaster, coffee maker or blender are relatively affordable, and can breathe new life to your old kitchen. Consider buying Whirlpool appliances because they are known for their durability and quality.

Light it up

Last, but not least: light it up! A kitchen should be a bright, warm place. If you don’t have enough light or simply want to introduce a new lighting fixture, think about lamps. You can choose either standing or hanging lamps. The best place to put a lamp is near the kitchen counter.

As you can see, you can redesign your old kitchen and make it look completely new. And the beauty of it all is – these upgrades won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Getting the Right Shoes for Home Repair

Everyone getting into home repair is instantly going to think about all of the construction-related accessories they can lay their hands on. Sure, a nice tool belt is handy. Yes, it helps to have a great set of knee pads. But if your home repair project entails fixing a leaky shower head or repairing the kitchen faucet, you really don’t need to invest in a hardhat and a pair of steel-toed boots.

If you want to make home repair attractive to you in the long run, you need to think about staying comfortable throughout the process. Make sure that you are enjoying home repair, and you will always want to go back to it. Instead of turning home repair into this grueling and tortuous exercise where you are sweating unnecessarily in blue jeans and a long sleeved shirt, nose pinched uncomfortably behind safety goggles, and annoying your significant other who’s just trying to ask a simple question through your ear buds, consider wearing clothes that are appropriate to the task at hand.

If you want all-purpose footwear, make sure you check out the great shoes available through Journeys. Not only can Journeys provide you with everything from comfortable loafers to great shoes for exercising in, you can also save a ton of money on their new partnership with Groupon, which is important if you are already sinking money into a home repair project.

Keep a little extra money in your pocket for investing in the right tools for the job, rather than unnecessary protective gear, by taking advantage of the coupons available for Journeys, such as a $5 off promo code, 15% off your next purchase, 50% off top-brand shoes, 54% off of converse, and more. By the way, we are by no means advocating avoiding safety gear when necessary, but let’s be real – putting together a set from Ikea doesn’t need a set of steel toed boots, does it?

Get the right clothes and footwear for the job, and you’ll not only save money, but be more comfortable while you are at it.

5 Most Essential Power Tools That Everyone Should Own Along With A Wood Router

With the availability of new advanced technology, even carpenters or woodworkers should try to adapt them. They are not just designed to operate on electricity but to help you out with your work and increase your working efficiency to double. Those old tools that had to be used so carefully and used to leave a scar every day are now almost extinct.

Let’s leave the traditional tools and grab new power tools with your wood router.

1. Power  Driver or Driller

It is the top bought tool in the market.  Everyone requires a power driller to drill a hole into the wall. Whenever you need to hang photos, mirrors, artifacts, mirrors, frames or any appliances, you need a nail on which you hang. With a power drill, you can drill a hole in the wall and then fix the nail with a stud into a hole to make the bond strong. Not everyone carries a cordless driller, but it can come very handy.

2. Power Sander

While woodworking, you require sandpaper and a sanding block for smoothening and sanding the areas of the parts. When areas are smaller, sandpaper will do the work but with the larger plunks it gets very tedious and time-consuming job. Also, after completing the sanding, you have to collect the waste and clean the dust from the ground. 

At such times, power sander comes very handily. It comes with a bag that sucks all the dust and possible wastes. Also, ease and faster your job of sanding the larger areas such as a bed or a table. You would surely want to add this powerful tool to your toolbox with your wood router.

3. Rotary Tool

A rotary tool comes with lots of accessories and attachments that is strictly needed while woodworking. The rotary tool gives you an option of sanding, polishing, grinding, cutting and much more with the help of accessories it comes with. It is an all-in-one package.

It is usually used for making all smaller repairs in the house. If you are just a beginner and need to finish a small job, then buy this power tool instead of those bigger and heavy ones.   

4. Cordless Power Screwdriver

No ends can be connected without driving a screw between them. Obviously, when you don’t want to glue them, you will need to screw them.  Cordless power screwdriver can drill any size of screws into its place. It is the perfect tool for doing heavy works.

If you are buying to use it in your house, a perfect thing because you can easily store them even in your kitchen’s drawer. It can be used for loosening and tightening the screw and bolts with you putting any effort in it. It comes with different sized nibs; change it according to your screw’s size.  

5. Jigsaw

It is very important to get a straight cut. You imagine how an uneven table would look? Yes, it would look totally unpleasing to eyes and will also be not able to carry heavy weights because of not having correct size and shape of legs. A jigsaw guides you in cutting perfect shapes, curves and straight cuts. Jigsaw will increase your accuracy and speed.

Don’t resist, go and buy the power tools today itself. Don’t let your wood router stay alone in your toolbox. It’s time to say bye-bye to your traditional tools and bring in power tools to ease your work, bring accuracy and speed it up.

Bio: Victor is a founder of Victorcrafter.com . He believes that money can be saved more if people will consider understanding different DIY procedures. To lessen wood stashes, he focuses in building furniture and other wooden things which can also help people earn a living.

Home Security Systems Are Not Created Equal

Break-ins aren’t limited the wealthy — in fact, data from a 2011 study shows that homes with a median income of $35K or less are the most frequently burglarized. Investing in a home security system that is effective is crucial to keeping your home safe. That’s why the team at Reviews.com conducted a six-week study evaluating the most popular options to determine which ones are worth the investment.

Why Home Security Systems Are Worth It

According to a study conducted by Rutgers University, a good home security system is not only an effective deterrent for burglaries, but can also stop crimes that are in progress before any irreparable damage is done. On top of that, many home insurance providers grant discounts to homeowners that install home security systems, leading to even further savings! There’s also the added benefit of home automation. Worried you left the door open? A home security system can offer you peace of mind by allowing you to lock the house from your phone!

How Reviews.com Found the Best Systems

  1. Surveyed homeowners with active security systems to understand what they were looking for
  2. Consulted experts and existing scientific research to understand different types of home security systems
  3. Evaluated each contender based on specific services and features available
  4. Collaborated with law enforcement
  5. Called individual providers and went through the entire quote process

What You Need to Know About Home Security

Anyone living under a roof is a potential target. Homeowners feel like their homes are invincible — and this false sense of security can often lead to reduced safety precautions, and higher susceptibility to break-ins.

When it comes to a home security system, brand reputability is key. Home security is a notoriously unstandardized industry, making the shopping process far from ideal. Unexpected costs (especially for renters), cryptic contractual stipulations, limited transparency, and inconsistent service packages make it hard for shoppers to gauge and compare prices.

There are varying levels of protection. Advertising differs greatly from brand to brand, but when it all boils down, there are four fundamental levels of protection: intrusion, environmental, surveillance, and life safety. Being familiar with these terms will help you understand your needs and expedite the shopping process.

The Bottom Line

Home security systems used to be a luxury but thanks to mobile technology, they’re becoming increasingly affordable and accessible. Investing in a quality home security system is an effective way to prevent break-ins, limit damage, and create peace of mind for your most valuable investment. Not all home security systems are created equal, however, so doing the research and finding a company that has easy-to-start service, competitive pricing, and package bundles that deliver what your home needs is key.