Why Used Office Cubicles Can Save You $1 Million Per Year?

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Are you thinking about setting up fancy office cubicles that would go with your new office environment? Or is it that you want to replace the dull boring look with an entirely new environment. Whether it is for your new fashion studio or a magazine office, you must have some idea looming around within your mind as to how you can boost up your work environment with a touch of creativity. While setting up new cubicles would turn out to be pretty costly, you could easily go for recycled furniture. They promise to be both fashionable and environmentally compatible.

Apart from giving a new look, what managers seek today is, maintenance of a proper balance between expenditure and utility. Well, you don’t need to worry about any of that, since your expenditure cuts down to about half of your original budget. Besides, used furniture often comes with a seal of quality assurance. So, they work as good as any newly purchased furniture.


Recycled Office Furniture for a Green Environment

If you have finally decided to go completely ‘green’ with recycled office cubicles, then you have got a number of choices to pick from. Be sure you know what your options are, when you make a purchase for a your office cubicle:

The recycled office furniture is diverted from the waste and redirected back to the market for sale. They are sold after full repair or without any repair. Recycled office furniture can be refurbished, re-manufactured or reused.

What Is Refurbished Furniture?

These already have a value. They are remodeled by giving a touch up, cosmetically.

What Is Re-manufactured Furniture?

When a furniture is disassembled and set up with inspected and repaired parts, before being sent to the market, then that is called re-manufactured furniture.

What Is Reused Furniture?

Reused furniture is put up for sale without any prior improvement.

If you are using reused cubicles for your office, then you can refurbish it with new paint or fabric and manufacture it according to the requirement of your workspace. There are many stores, which offer you with such service - just like the used office cubicles Orange County, which offers state-of-the-art powder coat for all kind of paint works and recycled fabric like Terattex fabric.

Did You Know - Purchasing new manufactured furniture could be hazardous to the environment?

That is because, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, about three million office wastes discarded each year, leads to an enormous accumulation of landfill. Besides, companies that discard office assets, incur about $90 to $100 million of disposable cost per year.

Save the environment and your expenditure, as some companies are saving more than $1 million by using recycled office furniture.

You could opt for used office cubicles from specialized stores like the Orange County mentioned above, to customize your office environment for a new and furnished look. They look absolutely new and are environmentally friendly.

Use Recycled Furniture For A Good Business Environment

Using recycled furniture will provide you with various design and cost benefits. Moreover, there are five reasons for you to be conscious about:

Help To Conserve Energy and Resource

According to industry experts, you can conserve about five to nine pounds of raw materials by re-manufacturing furniture using only one pound of natural resources. This helps to save resources like metal, wood, fiber and plastics, which could be utilized for other beneficial works.

Help To Reduce Waste Contribution

When the recycled furniture gets diverted from the waste stream back into the market, you not only help to reduce accumulation of office waste but also reduce energy and labor waste. The conserved energy could be utilized for the manufacture of something more essential. Did you know? - It takes less than 80 to 90% of less energy to alter a used product.

Contribute To Creating A Healthy Office Environment

As an office manager, you need to make sure that your work environment does not lead to any severe impact on the health of your employees. Manufacturing of new furniture leads to emission of carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides, nitrous oxides and volatile organic compounds into the environment. Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs are released into the work environment when a new furniture is brought in. This is hazardous and remains in the air for the first few years. As the furniture gets older, the VOC component reduces. So, by purchasing a used office furniture, you are protecting your employers from the harmful VOC contamination.

Improve Your Waste Management Profile

You can benefit your company by earning certified LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points in the field of waste management. You could only earn this credit if your office is using furniture, made of low emission materials. Installing recycled office furniture can earn you approximately fifteen LEED points.

A good office environment can enhance the work quality of your co-workers. Make your office ecofriendly, by choosing a store that can help you to plan out your project requirement and provide you with the right quality furniture for your office cubicles.

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