Add Aesthetic Value to Your Property with Timber Stairs

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Timber is one of the few materials chosen especially for outdoor applications. The main reason for this is that this material lends an aesthetic appeal to the overall building apart from ensuring strength and longevity.

Timber Stairs

Reason why Timber Stairs are a popular choice:

Timber looks aesthetically appealing and blends exquisitely with any type of outdoor environment

In terms of durability and strength, no other material can beat timber. Stairs constructed from timber lasts for decades

Even though timber costs more and the installation takes time, it is worth the effort.

Usually, stairs made of timber are built from durable hardwood or treated softwood and they are given a coating of paint as a finishing touch. There are many different types of staircases made of timber that look elegant and appealing.

Straight timber stairs, as the name suggests, come with parallel threads. This single flight of stairs is usually enclosed between walls and has no landing. Straight stairs are used at domestic premises and may feature balustrade and newels on one side and a wall on the other

Newel stairs are made with many newel posts to support the strings and landings. Alternately, some stairs are made using a balustrade in place of newel. A newel well staircase forms a vertical space called the well when a couple or more flights return on each other.

Dog leg stairs are built from a half-space landing. These are two-flight newel stairs constructed at an angle of 180 degrees. This type of stairs is used predominantly in commercial buildings.

Winders’ is a 90-degree turn staircase constructed to gain height. In a quarter space landing, three winders are fitted at 90 degrees around the centre winder also called the ‘kite’ winder.

Geometric stairs are timber stairs constructed without using newels. From floor to floor, the handrails and strings are continuous. Solid timber is cut to form the curved portions. The timber is either laminated or staved.

Choosing the best Timber and finish

The location and climate determines the selection of the right timber for stairs. Usually, durable hardwoods and treated softwoods are used to construct exterior stairs. Many different finishes are applied on the external stairs based on various factors.

Finishing is applied on timber not only for aesthetic reasons but also for minimizing any damage due to weathering. Distortion, splitting or checking of timber could occur due to wetting and drying instigated by weather.

Timber Stairs

Here are a few finishes applied on Timber Stairs to make them durable and long lasting:

If using unprimed timber, installers remove any loose material and fill in nail holes with exterior grade wood filler before installation. Before assembling the staircase, ends, joints and other surfaces are primed using stain or alkyd primer that is of good quality and solvent-based. Application of the primer is done strictly keeping in mind the recommendations by the manufacturer before applying the stain or exterior paint top coat.

If using treated timber, installers use wood fillers to close nail holes before priming the joints, ends and all surfaces. They use a solvent-based, high quality alkyd primer for this purpose. Two coats of exterior 100% acrylic top coat are then applied after the primer completely dries.

It is recommended to avoid using dark color stains and paints as the timber tends to get overheated. This in turn leads to checking and shrinkage as there is great loss of moisture. Higher temperatures also lead to quick decay of timber stairs.

Timber Stair Maintenance

Last but not the least, stairs made of timber must be maintained properly.

* Stairs must never be hosed down. Rather, it is recommended to just limit cleaning to sweeping.

Rapid drying after rain is facilitated through adequate ventilation.

Depending on the degree of exposure and the type of finish, it is recommended to reapply finishes at regular intervals.

Debris and dust must be removed from the timber stairs thoroughly before recoating.

Recommendations of manufacturers must be considered while recoating is done.

Timber stairs are aesthetically appealing and they last for a long time if taken good care of. They add value to the property and are versatile enough to suit any outdoor environment. Hope this blog will help you to understand why timber stairs are a popular choice. Contact us for more details.

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