How to Enhance Your Decor Space with Quality Timber Flooring?

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There has been a growing trend of using natural wood floors or flooring material in order to create a warm atmosphere in your home. The color and warmth and durability of timber hardwood have made it a popular flooring material. One of them is quality timber flooring. There are many reasons for choosing the same, which are discussed below.

Why Timber?

Timber is regarded as the best hard wood, not only is it competitively priced but is also easy to maintain and clean, and to top it all timber hardwood is durable. These are available in a wide range of natural light shades which compliment both traditional and contemporary homes. Hard Timber is surely an ideal choice price wise and also environment wise as it is natural wood, and is biodegradable. This quality timber flooring offers you value for money along with aesthetic appeal.

Grade the timber

The most important thing about investing in timber hardwood floor is that you need to clearly know what you are investing in. For this you need to know the various variety and grades of timber wood available. The grade one is those, which are hand selected. The second quality one is a little lower natural character and there is also a third category, which has all the structural properties like the other two categories but lower on aesthetic and strength. The hard quality timber flooring is available in random lengths, finger joints and parquets of squares and rectangles in a variety of dimensions.

Check on these before installing wood floors:

Before you install the timber hardwood in your house, showroom or office make sure that the temperature is between 55 and 75 degrees, and the humidity between 35 to 50 percent. Higher moisture content will only cause the timber to swell and in less moisture it shrinks. It is best to maintain an appropriate temperature and moisture content in the place where you install timber flooring. All hard wood floorings contract and expand with environmental change and this is why it is best to leave a gap of ¼”between wall and floor. Sometimes, you might see a watermark or stain mark on a part of your floor, this happens because of some leakage under the floor. So, check for any leakage or damp under the floor before installing the timber hardwood floor or any quality timber flooring.

Sealers and finishes:

Sealers are used to enhance the beauty of timber hardwood floor. There are number of oil based urethanes and moisture based urethanes available in the market which can be applied on the timber floor. This elongates life of the quality timber flooring.

Maintaining timber wood floor:

Never recklessly use water, soap, detergents and wax polishes on your timber, as this will leave it discolored and coarser. One can keep the dirt off by using vacuum. There are a number of cleaning agents available, which can use for mopping the floor. Overall quality timber flooring is beautiful, and with proper maintenance these can last for generations compared to most wood floors.

Tips and suggestions to keep in mind-

  • Sometimes, you will find that there are cracks during winter months on your timber floor. This happens in the absence of moisture as the insulator is on in winter months, and so in order to avoid these separations it is best to have a humidifier in your indoor space.
  • There can be squeaks on the floor due to seasonal expansion and contraction. So you should remember to keep the quality timber flooring dry as much as possible to avoid this issue.

The time is running out! Think about the quality timber flooring for make attractive interior. You can visit us to know more ideas to decorate your home interior best.

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