What are the Prominent Causes of Blocked Drains? How can they be Cleared, to Maintain a Hygienic Condition in Your Home?

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Most of the home owners might have experienced the drain cleaner in the drainage systems. It is the time consuming problem if it is not taken care at a right time. The property should always be in a proper working manner, if not it creates problems with the people living in and surrounding. Many problem of blockages usually arise with bathroom drains and kitchen sinks; these are the places which are most commonly used daily. If you notice some symptoms like water overflowing along with human or animal excreta, foul and rancid smell from all around the drain area, gas emission from the drain, or even when water clogs and accumulates in the shower area.

What are the primary causes for a blocked drain?

  • If the drain is located outside, then it blocked usually by the dead leaves or tree roots.
  • If it is an indoor blockage, then it is because of the accumulation of heavy materials into the pipes. Whenever the sanitary products, paper towels, hair, paper tissues or any other materials are flushed down then blockage starts in the pipes and drainages.
  • The kitchen sinks are blocked due to the food particles and the other debris.
  • Accumulation of foreign objects or materials blocks the drains eventually. Semi-solid, solid and insoluble particles, toothpicks, strings, straws and clumps of hair also bock the course of normal water flow.

How can you avoid blockage of the drain or the sewage pipes?

Check the drainage covers and notice whether the water is running out freely. If it has started blocking, then contact the cleaners to avoid the future problems. Insoluble food debris should not be thrown into the drain. Do not flush the sanitary napkins, diapers, tissues or any of the material. At the same time, you must tell your children not to drop any toy or dispose leaves, flowers particles into the drains.

How to unblock a drain? The preventive methods

The blocked drain causes so many nasty problems in the daily life. These can be unblocked and it is not difficult to resolve the problem.

  • The clogged drain can be cleared with natural ingredients like baking soda and vinegar. Add the baking soda, vinegar and boiling water to clear the small blockages. Wear the proper clothes, goggles and gloves with the mask on face to avoid any infections.
  • Take the set of drain rods, which are available in the market or can also hire them. Open the drain cover and lift it up with its handle.
  • Remove the rust away from it. Use the rod for twisting and turning to clear the blockage. The blocked drain frees slowly. Flush the water to clear it from all the remaining debris. This can be carried out whenever there is not a major blockage.
  • The drain cleaners can be used for unblocking of drains. It dissolves the tissues, paper towels and many objects and avoids the future blockages too. 

If the blockages cannot be removed by you, then contact the plumbers and the experts who detect and solve the problem of blockages within no time. The experts can solve most of the inside and outside drainages. One can search in the websites for helpers with the proper location. You can call to the mentioned contact number and the specified engineers will take care of your problem. There are many standard quality services to overcome the blockage issues. If they are not repaired in proper time, they will lead to major problems in the future. They should not be ignored.  

There are many online portals and local plumbers, who can help you out to renovate your house, minus a blocked drain. They go deep down, inspect the drains with advanced cameras, and create eco-friendly solutions to unblock drains.

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