The Causes of Home Sewer Blockages

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A blockage in your sewer system can cause big problems for you, but what causes this issue? There are a few common things that are usually be blame. It’s not the most pleasant problem to think about, but these things happen to homes up and down the country. So, here are the causes to be aware of.

Tree Roots

There is not too much you can do to prevent this problem. You can minimize the number of trees that are planted above your home’s sewer lines, but even that might not make a difference. Tree roots are very powerful and strong, and they can travel long distances. So, even if the trees planted on your land are not causing a problem, nearby trees could cause an issue. For example, the trees in the garden next door might be causing the problem.

The roots branch out and expand for as far as they can. And this can sometimes mean that they grow inside the sewage lines. The pipes are not strong enough to withstand this, so they just crack apart, and the tree roots will fill up the free space. This then has repercussions for many homes in the area. Sometimes, the sewer pipes are crushed by roots that wrap around them.

Man Made Blockages

There are things that you can do, or not do, to prevent man made blockages in the system though. This is the most common reason for sewer blockages. People flush all kinds of things down the toilet, and these items end up in the pipes beneath the ground. Over time, large or unsuitable items can build up until a major blockage is caused. And then water will no longer be able to pass through.

First of all, you should avoid flushing things down the toilet that are better suited to the bin. And you certainly shouldn’t flush things like diapers down the toilet. And you should also avoid pouring things like grease down the drain. This can linger and lead to blockages later on. The grease hardens and other things can then get stuck to it, and it’s this that causes the problem. Stronger pipe lining can help to prevent this though.

Broken Sewer Lines

Sometimes, the sewer lines that your home’s system is connected to simply get broken. There are various things that cause this to happen, and there’s not normally much you can do about it. When the lines crack, break or collapse, then it’s not surprising that sewage or water can no longer pass through. This is a big problem in older homes that are connected to older sewer lines because they are not using modern methods and materials.

Older systems can be treated by plumbers who know what they’re doing though. This can toughen them up and stop an issue from developing further. It’s not a permanent solution, but it is much more cost-effective than replacing all the pipes in the system. But that might be necessary in some cases where the homes are very old.

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