How To Spruce Up A Traditional Property

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You might be scanning the housing market and come across the home of your dreams; only it’s dilapidated and a little shabby. Perhaps you go to a viewing, and the house looks just right, but there’s a cold draft running through the bedroom and one too many cobwebs for your liking. Or maybe you’ve lived in your home for decades and feel it’s time for a grand spring clean for all of those cumulative years. Whatever your reason for wanting to neaten up an old or traditionally designed property, we’re here to help. Follow our advice to have your ancient home looking like a dream in no time.


We cannot emphasise the importance of keeping to the house’s original style when it comes to adding to a period property. If you want to live in a home with plastic framed, double glazed windows and a spotless, show home worthy interior, then a traditional build might not be for you. Consider why you are looking at such old homes. If you don’t like the basic structure of the building, then you could be better off viewing another house with more modern features.

Check whether the building is listed. A comprehensive summary of Australia’s National Heritage sums up all listed buildings in the country. Listed buildings are of national historic importance and are consequently protected by law. These laws can greatly affect your best-laid plans, so make sure you’re granted permission before you carry out any work.

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Try to get original features restored. There are plenty of companies out there who can create new windows, doors and interior decor, but make it look like the house hasn’t been touched since it was built. Leave beams exposed but give them a new lease of life with a lick of paint. Don’t block up the fireplace: you’ll be glad when you can get a roaring fire on the go on those colder days.

Keep your home clean. Older homes often draw cobwebs in the corners. Make sure to keep on top of the housework and get your marigolds on at least once a week for a routine clean sweep. Mop wooden floors with a mixture of warm water and a cleaning product specifically designed for real wood. Clean your windows inside and out. If the outside ones are too high, bring a window cleaner in. People say that your eyes are the windows to your soul. Well, your house’s windows are its eyes and are windows to your home’s soul. There’s no excuse for them to be covered in smears and grime. Don’t forget to keep on top of your roofing. Thatched roofs in particular need to be protected from birds and the elements. Tiled roofs might need areas replacing with the wear and tear of the years.


So there you have it. Don’t make too many internal or external changes to your humble abode and keep on top of the chores. Now that your property is looking great read my post on home security. Because a beautiful home will draw the attention of both good and bad people.

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