Let it Snow! - But Not Until You Have Your Bad Weather Home Survival Plan Completed

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Depending on where you live, you might expect to experience varying degrees of inclement weather in this coming winter. This can be problematic for a number two reasons. First, it can make getting out and about difficult, and second it can cause damage to your home. But you can minimise the inconvenience you suffer by being as prepared as possible. This why you need a winter home survival plan. Read on to find out what to include.  


It is wise if you are expecting some extreme weather to hold some provisions in store. This will allow you to carry on with life, even if you can't get out to the shops. The best things to collect are tinned goods. This is because they don't require refrigeration or heating before eating. So if there is an issue with the power, you can still have a good meal.

You will also need to have a pack of survival products like matches, candles, blankets and bottled water. Yes, it might seem a bit extreme but where severe weather is concerned it always better safe than sorry. A windup radio or phone charger is also a good idea so you can stay in contact with the outside world.


Once you have your emergency supplies sorted, it's best to make your way around the property and prepare it for the harsh weather. You will need to check that all doors and windows retain good integrity to protect from the cold and rain.

You will also need to make sure you check your home for any roof repair that needs doing to keep out the weather. It's always better to do these jobs when the weather isn't so bad. Trying to do them in the midst of a storm is very unwise both in term of the quality of the job you can do and your own personal safety.


You need to take particular precautions if you are expecting a lot of snow and ice. Make sure that your roof is load bearing, increase you get a heavy snowfall. Also, make paths and driveways as clear as possible, so if you have to dig the snow in these areas, you won't be hampered by debris.

Check that your heating system is efficient too, as it can get pretty cold inside as well as outside with those flakes start to fall.


If you are expecting torrential rains, with the possibility of flooding then having sandbags is prudent. These should go over the gaps in doors and windows to prevent the water getting in.

If your home in on low-lying ground, or you have a cellar move any valuables out of the ground floor and set them higher up in the house to avoid water damage.

High Winds

Strong winds can accompany heavy rain or snow, or occur on their own. They can be a huge risk to life. This is because they can pick up and drop objects indiscriminately, as well as blow trees down and raise building roofs.

Try to anchor down any particularly heavy or unstable objects. Remain indoors in your designated safe place until the winds have stopped.

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