Want Some Extra Cash? Five Ways You Can Boost Your Income This Month

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Extra cash each month would come in handy, am I right? We would all love that little extra money injection to put towards those things we want in life. With Christmas coming up I am sure your finances are a hot topic at the moment. So I thought it would be a great time to introduce to you some of the ways you can boost your income, and it can be as fast as this month.

Start meal planning

Your food bills is that weekly cost you have complete control over. But yet you are probably spending more than you need to be. Slash your food bill as much as half by doing things like meals planning or changing where you shop. Meal planning requires a little extra effort from you. It means deciding on your meals for each night and writing a list accordingly. But what this does is not only increase what we spend but also your food wastage. While it may be an extra point to add, the shops you buy your food from could be expensive. So change where you shop and see if it makes a difference. Many families have recorded saving more than half of their food spend.

Look at your existing outgoings

Make sure you look at your existing outgoings and see if there is anything that can be changed. Too many people just let those direct debits leave each month and you might be paying more than you need to be. This is when switching electricity supplier or changed who provides your TV viewing can slash a lot off your total outgoings. This is why considering companies like Direct Energy could save you a lot on your monthly bill. Also this should prompt you to check your bank statement. There are many outgoings that people aren’t even aware they are still paying for, like forgotten gym memberships or subscription services.

Sacrifice those luxuries you just don’t need

There are many things we pay out for each day or month that we just don’t need. You may order a take out coffee each day when you don’t need to be doing, or even paying for a full TV package that you don’t watch. Being brutal can massively increase your income.

Do some extra jobs from home or in your spare time

There are also plenty of jobs you can be doing in your spare time or from home to boost your income. Things like mystery shopping and survey taking, for example. They may not necessarily be your idea of fun, but they could increase your income each week.

Turn a hobby into a business

Finally, if you have a skill why not turn it into a fully fledged business? People who are creative and like to write, now can make money through advertising on a blog. People who love sewing, can create unique handmade items and sell on websites like Etsy. There are many ways you can turn a skill into a money making exercise, just look at what you have at our disposal.

I hope this has inspired you to boost your income.

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